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Terra Brasilis retreats will offer Atlantic Immersion coastal retreat at the Bananal Eco lodge located in the Hinterlands of Ubatumirim , a 2km (1.24 miles) hike to the beach, on the banks of its river. Click here to view map.

The retreat center is nestled in the in 20 hectares of native Atlantic Forest, in the North Shore of São Paulo, an area known as the “Green Belt,” a lush green forest corridor, encrusted in between Mountains and the emerald green ocean, a heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO.
This is the only place in the São Paulo State coast where the coastal ecosystems are preserved such as beaches, mangroves, rocky shores and forest sandbanks, a preserved area little known to the average tourist including Brazilians. We will limit the number of guests per event to ensure exclusive service and extraordinary experiences.

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 By morning, guests will opt in to practice yoga, meditate, immerse themselves the vibrant natural environment of forests, enjoy trekking in a region of great natural beauty, the unspoiled warm waters of the beaches, spend the day exploring nature, visit pristine waterfalls, rural, indigenous and ethnic communities.

By afternoon, guests will immerse in socio-cultural excursions to local villages and beach comunitites, will opt in to Surf, or immerse themselves in shamanic group healing therapies to finish the day just right, with a rich blend of experiences of the local foods, culture, and beauty found in this area.

In addition to blending in with our Brazilian and multi-cultural staff, and Native Shaman, there is an incredible ethnic and cultural diversity of indigenous, Quilombolas, rural, maroon and “ caiçara” communities. Lunch is arranged in these communities to lead to an immersion in this unique costal culture and to allow an incredible interaction with the villagers.


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Name: Lizzie Mulherin
Place you live: Queensland, Australia
Rating 1to 10: 10!

My experience with Terra Brasilis was truly transformative. I have been on retreats before, but never anything quite like this. The four days were spiritually enlightening and quite life changing. The event was executed with heart and was completely authentic. I definitely recommend it for anyone searching for clarity, guidance or more self awareness.

Brooke Moore
Name: Brooke M.
Place you live: Los Angeles, CA
Rating 1to 10: 10

Terra Brasilis retreats is a truly unique retreat experience! Traversing trails in the depths of the Atlantic Rainforest, meeting local & indigenous communities focused on preserving the rainforest as well as the culture and histories of their ancestors, submerging myself into creek pools made by waterfalls, bathing in the sun on tiny, secluded islands accessible only by canoe, and surfing sweet little waves in the salty Atlantic waters all after mornings of meditation and yoga practice made my senses vibrate! This retreat woke me up, soothed my soul, made me feel alive! With forest colors so vibrant, daily native fruits to enjoy, and endless adventures through lush forests this retreat provided a visceral experience at every level. We ate not just healthy foods but gorgeously vibrant flower salads — “non-traditional edible plants” — that were grown and gathered fresh from the premises. Prepared by an incredibly sweet and caring chef and kitchen crew who also kept us nourished for the days adventures with tasty and delightful vegetarian menus. The kitchen crew and all staff are friendly and warm and have created a cozy family vibe that extends to guests. This retreat also has a strong spiritual component with opportunities for group practices facilitated by a gregarious and thoughtful spiritual guide, as well as ample opportunities for alone time and deep self-reflection amidst the most secluded, peaceful and gorgeous natural environment the earth has to offer. Terra Brasilis retreats provided me an opportunity to explore parts of the planet that are not otherwise easy to get to. I highly recommend this retreat for those seeking adventure, self-care, and a deeper understanding of the planet and what feeds her. Finally, come with an open mind: flexibility is a must as sometimes the schedule is determined by nature and not the people coordinating the retreat ;). Enjoy the adventure!